The training is designed for already practicing estheticians, massage and health practicioners. Students awaitng for the license are welcome too! Special prerequisite: none


OUR SECOND in-person training since COVID.


Date: August 28.

Full day of training from 10 am to 7 pm

Location: Los Angeles / Beverly Hills

Price: $1799


Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks are provided by us.


We want to ensure the highest level of instruction and engagement with your teacher and fellow attendees


Training in English

Teacher: Anastasia Talan

Esthetician and owner of Kosha Spa and Ko Sha tools. Studied advanced esthetics classes in Russia, Europe, India, Mexico and USA.

Her buccal technique  was featured on Youtube, Netflix, Vogue and Good Morning Britain.


Training plan:

 This course will take you through the anatomy of the face 

  Theory about benefits of intraoral massage

  Basic theory: who are the best candidates for facial massage and who are not. What do you need to ask before the session, how to make a treatment plan for the clients. What you will be needing before the facial - we'll discuss the best tools and props.

 ◦ The most common questions that clients can ask and possible complications



This class is very hands-on as my goal is for you to be able to perform buccal facials right away.



3 main components of buccal massage: stretching, lifting, pressure points.


We will study each movement step by step.


We will find out how to customize it for each client - so no "one protocol fits anyone" but you'll be able to actually modify it.


In the end, everyone will practice the full treatment on each other. You will also be given an opportunity to practice your pressure on Anastasia and she will demonstrate it on you as well.


Extra skills that will be covered: 

 ◦ Lymphatic drainage

 ◦ Ostheopatic neck stretches

 ◦ Indian scalp massage

- All together it makes an amazing treatment


Everyone will receive a short treatment from Anastasia. 


It's one thing to watch this technique; it's quite another to apply it in practice.


What will you be able to do by the end of the day:

 ◦ Buccal facial massage

 ◦ Lymphatic drainage to start any massage treatment 

 ◦ Scalp massage 

 ◦ Neck stretches


Be confident in all these techniques and start practicing with the clients right away!


You will get a a certificate of completion.

And special gifts from @KoshaSpa

Buccal Facial In Person Training