This Online Training features Anastasia's signature lifting techniques, basic lymphatic drainage, and cupping. Suitable for beginners in facial massage as well as advanced practicioners.


It's really all you need to learn to start offering facial massages. Clients love it and come back for that! Anastasia explains how to incorporate massage in your facials or how to perform them alone. Lots of tips and tricks and practical info.


Facial Massage. Why you have to learn it and incorporate in your facials?

It's an ancient technique that's found a new home in modern facials, and has plenty of A list fans - people are willing to pay well for a good massage.

In my course, I will teach you how to work with the lymph nodes. When they become blocked, lymphatic drainage becomes sluggish, which is thought to lead to a puffy, dull complexion. No enzyme, peel or a mask can change that. Also, manipulating and massaging the skin means increased blood flow to the area. More blood to the skin means more oxygen to the skin, and that blood flow also brings more nutrients. Just by stimulating the skin, it stops being so lethargic and kick-starts your fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

By massaging the skin, we reduce lines and wrinkles. Again, you won't see a significant reduction of lines if you only use skincare. You either have to do injectables or manipulate tissues with your hands.


The results? A natural facelift. The facial muscles improve tone & elasticity, we increase collagen & elastin production, blood flow, stimulate the lymph and cell metabolism.  The changes are noticeable from the first visit, but of course massage requires a series of treatment. 


What's included:

The signature European facial massage course includes 2 videos and is 2.5 hours long. First video feautures massage just using your hands and the second one will teach you how to use cupping. You can watch actual facial treatment, plus tips and answers to the most popular questions. You'll get a video and a PDF file with all the information regarding a tecnique, containdications, recommendations, things needed, etc. The video is shot by a professional team and features several angles so you will feel like you were standing right next to me.


After a purchase, you are getting a PDF file and then I will send you the videos. It usually happens in the next 24-48 hours.


Anastasia is also here to answer any questions you might have left after watching a training video. Don't hesitate to reach out at

European Lifting Massage

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