Unique selection of crystals according to chakras in a special charging selenite bowl that you can also use for cleansing and reacharging all your stones ang gua sha.


Crystals absorb energies from the environment and you definitely don't need unwanted vibes to come with your stone. Selenite is known for its cleaning properties, it is one of the crystals that does not need to be cleansed.


Using Selenite is one of the simplest ways to cleanse your crystals::

Your crystal jewelry and gua sha can be cleansed and recharged by placing them overnight in a Selenite bowl. It shift the energy to be more positive in your space with this glistening white healing crystal.

Ethically sourced polished selenite bowl from Morocco.


Also included 7 large raw crystals:


Black obsidian - for protection and your 1st chakra balancing

Blood stone - for realigning lower chakras, especially 2nd
Tiger Eye - for balancing 3rd chakra: stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions
Green Quartz - for peace and love and 4th chakra harmonizing
Lapis lazuli - spiritual properties, opening psychic abilities and empower your senses, 5th chakra

Amethyts - a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress, fear and irritability, 6 th chakra

Clear Quartz - a “master healer.” Amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Crown chakra.

Bowl is 3/4  lbs in weight and 10 cm diameter accompanied with 7 loose crystals

KO SHA Selenite Charging Crystal Bowl


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