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About Us

The Power of Touch

Welcome to Kosha, a holistic facial studio founded by Anastasia Talan.

In our facials we focus on a massage more than anything else. 

Standard facials can't solve the main challenge - changes in bones, fascia, muscles and fat tissues as we age. And you can do as many peels as you can, but they basically burn the top layers of the skin and eventually it becomes thin and fragile. With the massage, we are able to approach deeper and manipulate the lymph and blood flow, increase your natural elastin & collagen production, sculpt and lift the muscles, release locked energy and naturally nourish the skin.


What does facial massage do? It improves skin suppleness because it reduces and releases muscle tension in the face and jaw. It's powerful enough to release stuck fascia within the layers of the skin. By stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity, facial massage can help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles and reduce expression lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells and decreasing puffiness. Lastly, it aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh glowing skin - also very helpful against acne, post acne and inflammation.

We love and appreciate all our clients but some names that you might know are loving our treatments: Kristen Bell, Margaret Qualley, Pamela Anderson, Kaley Cuoco, Zoey Deutch, Nicola Peltz, Lily Rabe, Phoebe Tonkin, Maddie Ziegler, Beth Riesgraf, Emily Oberg, Arielle Lorre, Kathrin Zenkina and others 

Head Massage

Meet Anastasia

Anastasia had gone through numerous trainings and workshops. Asia, Europe, India and USA. She combined advanced European esthetics with American standards of service and a deep understanding of holistic approach and created KoSha Spa in 2017. She is personally training everyone at Kosha for over a month before they start seeing clients.

Anastasia has diplomas in ostheopathy, esthetics, and business administration. She is now also teaching.

Her buccal technique  was featured on Youtube, Netflix, Ellen Show, Voque and Good Morning Britain.

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Meet The Team

Some of our Clients

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