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The Power of Touch


Elements of lymphatic drainage are included in each treatment. As well as décolleté, shoulders, scalp and neck massage. Regular treatments are recommended to keep the results.


55 Minutes

Our most famous unique massage technique loved by celebrities and featured on TV and press. KOSHA's skilled estheticians will massage your face outside and inside to lift, tone and plump your skin. The focus will be in our famous buccal intraoral technique. Great for TMJ problems, jaw tension, double chin, puffiness. Improves voice clarity, opens up the space in the jaw area. 




50 Minutes

Results oriented massage based facial. Our skilled estheticians will deeply cleanse and then massage your face with gua sha, cupping and hands using professional grade serums and oils. Improves energy and stress levels, relieves tension and blockages and is amazing for detoxifying skin as it works closely with the lymph. Also improves circulation, lifts and plumps the face!



80 Minutes

Offers more time to include any massage style - buccal, gua sha, cups, european sculpt, plus added care for your skin. The movements we use are completely customized for each guest. This is a deeply relaxing treatment but very results-oriented. The results are incredible - face looks slimmer, more contoured and skin is glowing. We excessively work on relaxing your shoulders, chest, neck and head too and finish experience with a custom mask or LED.



110 Minutes

Ultimate massage-based facial for any skin concern. In this luxurious treatment we are working not only with the skin, but address the root of aging and loss of contour: the muscles, bones and stagnant tissues in the face. Our skilled estheticians will deeply cleanse and detox your pores, create a custom peel or gentle enzyme and professional mask, will add LED, vibration therapy and a variety of massage styles. We use hands, gua sha, reflexology and cups to lift, tone and plump every part of the face, including an intraoral part if needed. The protocol allows to see the changes in your skin right away. You will feel recharged and completely re-balanced: physically, emotionally and energetically. The results are incredible - face looks slimmer, more contoured and skin is glowing.



75 Minutes

This deep cleansing facial treats the root causes of blemishes, dull skin tone, clogged pores and works to correct problem areas. Please note - this option won't include in-depth facial massage and focuses on the skin problems. We perform a deep cleansing, gentle peel and extractions and combine it with a lymphatic drainage to decrease puffiness and get the glow on. Pore minimizing mask will be applied while you get a soothing massage on your shoulders, chest and neck. Professional skincare products will be used to suit skin’s needs. 



90 Minutes

A unique combination of spiritual and esthetician's knowledge in this unique experience. This facial begins with a balancing sound bath. Then you will experience relaxing aromatherapy massage to promote deep relaxation and nervous system release. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, then the application of ancient herbs and plants will awake your skin's natural regenerative processes. Includes a signature massage, hot stones, guasha and cupping. A custom blend facial mask will be then applied and you'll start experiencing a second sound bath now even deeper, plus the energy of the special chakra crystals. If you wish, the practitioner will also do an energy cleansing ritual with palo santos and sage.



80 Minutes

This unique massage technique loosens up fascia restrictions that lead to signs of aging - creating wrinkles and pulling the face "inward". Yes, this is the only facial massage technique that doesn't need any oil - a perfect option for those who don't want to get their hair greasy and have reactions to oils. In this session we also work with the shoulders, neck, Dowager's Hump, scalp, TMJ and jaw area and basically tailor it for each client's problem areas.



75 Minutes

A really gentle energetic work plus soft "adjustments" to achieve a better health and mind. Energetically you will feel much stronger and calmer and even euphoric after. As an added bonus - a younger, more symmetrical and defined face. Inspired by European Osteopathy and Craniosacral  - a "whole person" approach to medicine—treating the entire person rather than just the symptoms. Releasing tension from the body we can heal the entire system.



90 Minutes

A custom treatment by our lead esthetician and founder Anastasia Talan, with the focus on osteopathic technique, buccal, gua sha, sound healing, energy work and total balancing of the face and upper body, plus easing the busy mind with cranial work.



80 Minutes

A custom treatment by our lead esthetician and founder Anastasia Talan, with the focus on skin treatments coupled with massage techniques and energy healing. Buccal is not included in this option, but Anastasia will address any skin concerns and create a visible lift and plumpness. 

Mask group-1.png
Mask group.png

Facial treatments at KOSHA are specifically curated and tailored to you - your skin, tension patterns, possible assymetry, puffiness, lack of firmness, or any individual concerns. We customize our massages and include add-ons like professional masks, peels, LED therapy, kinesiology taping and others to enhance the result. We also have a variety of unique modalities like sound healing, crystals, aroma therapy, working with the energetic field to make experience truly special.




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