The thing is - aging isn't happening on the skin level. There is the whole ecosystem underneath - muscles, fat deposits, bones and fascia that are changing as we age. The lines on the upper layer of the skin is just a result of these changes. Also, face is very much connected to scalp, neck and shoulders, and oftentimes is mirroring problems and tension there.

So at KoSha we are working \whole\istically.

With the knowledge of more than 30 styles of massage, intuitive energy work and deep relaxation techniques including breathing and sound bath we are able to go to the roots of the problem.

Leave your stress behind and transform your face naturally.

Every treatment includes signature face, décolleté, neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

We offer custom massage-based facials with unique modalities such as buccal, gua sha, reflexology, cupping, and many others.

Whether you’re concerned about the signs of aging, loss of volume, tension, puffiness, head aches, TMJ or just want to have a spa time and relax... We've got you.

By appointments ONLY.



Andrea, creator of

My skin looked quite literally transformed after a holistic facial with Anastasia. As a skincare enthusiast I feel that I take better care of my skin than the average person but this goes to show that a facial can provide dramatic results that even the best skincare regimen cannot. After analyzing my skin, Anastasia used natural products in the facial which included aromatherapy, cleansing using an ultrasonic device, exfoliation, extractions, a few different masks, rose quartz and jade roller massage, a ton of face massage using her skillfull hands, neck massage, warm face towel and aromatherapy finale. She was very informative and personable which put me at ease instantly and her treatment room is very cozy. My skin looked brighter, lighter, and significantly more toned. It's almost as if a few years had been taken off my face. I like that Anastasia thrives on continuously learning and training in her field. 

Olya Alexandrov, Luxury travel expert, Professional TV Host 

I’m sharing from the bottom of my heart with everyone who lives or travels to LA and wants to get the best facial massages in the area; contact an incredibly talented beauty specialists at @KOSHASPA and you can thank me later!😉
When an hour of customized facial becomes an unforgettable experience with face massage to die for. Seriously, I didn’t want it to end!

Liza Lash, Makeup Artist and Model - L'Oréal Paris Ambassador 

Thank you @koshaspa for making my skin glowing again. I was sick for almost 2 weeks 😬 my skin got very dry and dull. @koshaspa does the best face massage 💆 which is a natural form of anti aging skin care. I recommend KOSHA team to everyone! Instant results and relief