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My buccal course includes 30-minutes video with all the theory behind this approach and in depth practice for self-massage.


It's a lifetime approach - you will have the file and can watch it anytime.


What you'll learn


  • How to perform buccal massage like a PRO
  • A holistic approach to decreasing lines and wrinkles
  • How to create a self facial ritual
  • How to contour your lower face
  • How to look and feel younger and more vital
  • How to alleviate headaches and jaw pain, TMJ 
  • How to release stress and tension
  • Feel more relaxed and focused

This course requires no professional background - and will work for anyone from beginners to those who already know buccal technique but want to really get in there!


The training video is shot by a professional team in a highest quality, so you will catch every detail


I am also here to answer any questions you might have left after watching a training video. Don't hesitate to reach out at

BUCCAL: Self Massage course

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