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Botox alternative and a unique holistic tool to release contractions from facial expressions happening underneath your skin. If you intend to try facial taping but want to use the safest, most appropriate for the face tape available on the market - this product is for you. I personally had tested 15+ manufacturers from around the world to find the best one to produce my own custom made tapes  - with the best fabrics, texture, glue, stickiness, easiness of the removal and unique design in mind.


Made with premium glue medical grade from Germany (amazing for even sensitive or acne-prone skin) and organic cotton


50mm x 5m Tape specifically created for facial application


- Superior breathability with the texture that represents the skin

- Easy removal

- Hypoallergenic

- Latex-Free

- Appropriate for all skin types




Apply on clean skin. If your skin is oily - don't use a moisturuzer or anything heavy underneath - just a serum or toner is enough, or you can even go with bare skin. If your skin is dry then you might use a moisturizer first but make sure it's little amount so your skin isn't too oily for the glue to stick well.


At least a quck facial massage or gua sha or cups are recommended prior to tapes. Even 1 minute relaxing the muscle helps before application. Let the skin get dry and apply the tape.

The best would be to perform self massage or gua sha on treated ares first to activate it

Tape is applied UN-STRETCHED to pre-extended area of muscle or skin parts

Rub the tape after application to activate adhesive (10 seconds or so)

Remove the tape slowly in direction opposite of how you applied it and you can also roll it off

(remove after 2-10 hours)


95% organic cotton and 5% elastine


Color: the seed of life design represents a higher vibrations and better energy flow, balancing our masculine and feminine sides


 suits all skin types



This item is FINAL SALE

KOSHA Facial Kinesiology Tape

  • This item is FINAL SALE

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