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Get rid of headache, improve your skin and make your hair grow faster - or benefits of a scalp mass

Headache? 😫 Before taking a pill or rushing for the coffee, try to give yourself a scalp massage 🧚‍♀️As a therapy, massage can help relieve muscle spasms, it can improve blood flow and circulation, relieving tension and promoting relaxation. It has been shown to be helpful in bringing relief for both tension and vascular headaches. Plus, the health of the scalp is vital to the health of the hair.

Scalp massages aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp — and a flaky scalp is known to worsen hair loss in certain individuals. It can be very beneficial to those who suffer from scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. You can add oils or hair masks to increase the benefits.

Be sure to look for active ingredients like menthol and peppermint in scalp masks, drops and toners to deeply penetrate into the skin. I prefer oils like rosemary and eucalyptus because they help to create a peaceful and calm environment and stimulate the hair follicles. You should apply a nickel-size amount dispensed equally onto your finger. Rub hands together before applying to the scalp. ➡️ I include scalp massage in my facials but you can do it at home. I usually do mine before I go to bed. ☑️ Scalp massage should start at the front of the scalp and work towards the back. It should be done gently yet firmly with consistent pressure 💆‍♀️ the best way to perform a scalp massage is using circular motion. To accurately do this, try placing hands in a L-shape form. Use the shape for the hairline. ♥️ Be mindful of the amount of pressure used in this area as there are sensitive pressure points. For the rest of the scalp, use all your fingers with applied pressure in a circular motion. Please take care of yourself! With Love, Anastasia

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