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Buccal Massage in Los Angeles. Everything you need to know!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding a buccal massage. Since Meghan Markle said that it's her secret beauty weapon, the demand for this treatment skyrocketed.

So I've decided to answer the most popular questions here.

- What is a buccal massage?

It is a culptural massage technique, the main difference is that we can access the cheecks and jaw area not only from outside but also from inside (your mouth) it is like a deep tissue massage to release tension, improve circulation, and, of course, promote youthful looking skin. It is particularly helpful at targeting skin issues near your mouth, like nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and jowls.

- Is it an alternative to fillers or more intense treatments?

Yes it is. The whole aging process happens because of the tension in the muscles and we create the lines when we do different facial expressions. To reverse and prevent that, we need to relax the muscles. That’s the concept of botox basically - we paralyze them. But the side effect is that the muscles become weaker and weaker. The facial massage not only makes them more relaxed but it also strengthens them, adding volume, improving the circulation. So it takes more dedication, more frequent visits, but the results are comparable if we are talking about regular massage treatment. If we are talking about a single massage session vs 1 injection, of course botox wins. But in case of massage you keep all your facial expressions, it feels great and has a much healthier mental effect too. Meaning we don’t hurt ourselves to look more beautiful ;)

- What results can you expect?

From just one session - Radiant, plump, glowing skin for sure, and the added benefit of relaxed, bouncy, fuller muscles, and sculpted contours. If doing a series of treatments - more contoured cheeks, less visible lines and just better complexion overall.

The main benefits of massage on the face are removal of tension and stress in muscle tissue. It softens but strengthens the muscle fibers to give a more lifted structure to facial contours. Massage will also remove toxins, help to drain and eliminate puffiness fluid retention, and improve blood circulation. This will encourage a more nutritious, oxygenated blood flow to the skin cells and muscle tissue, which helps to improve regeneration and restoration of skin.

How does it work?

First of all I check the face for the areas of tension, and find the trigger points. Then I cleanse the skin and massage a special mask into the skin to warm up the muscles. I do some shoulder and neck massage to release tension there and allow the lymph to flow more freely. Then I move up to the face, do a set of sculpting and lifting movements, and then I start the buccal part and start massaging inside the mouth. Deep massage movements and lymphatic drainage tare involved. I finish by cleansing the skin again to remove any toxins that it released and put a personalized cocktail of the serums. The skin is so warm, it’s ready to absorb them all!

- How often should you do it?

Of course, just like working out, you have to keep at it to see big changes. “Results are cumulative so if you have a certain goal you would need to come weekly for 6-8 treatments and than continue with monthly maintenance treatments. If you just want an overall better look and age prevention then once a month is ideal. For some clients it’s something they do just to relax, then you can come in once every few months.

- Is there anyone who shouldn’t do it?

People with cancerous conditions - we don’t want to overstimulate anything

Any dental disease, toothache

Recent injections (done less a month ago)

skin infections, including herpes

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