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Cruelty Free Cosmetics

More and more people are becoming concerned about cruelty in the production of beauty products. Probably you've already heard trendy word "cruelty free", but what does it really mean and how to find such products?

A cosmetic product may only be considered cruelty free upon completion of two steps. One, the product cannot have been tested on animals. The process of animal testing is a terrible practice. These animals are generally not sedated, and they are subjected to torturous procedures that really don’t tell us how the product will react to humans. To me, it's monstrous and meaningless thing to do.

The second consideration to be cruelty free would be that no animal ingredients are in the cosmetic product. Some ingredients you may be familiar with are goat’s milk, lanolin, beeswax. A cohesive list has been assembled by PETA to help show how widely we use animals in our daily products.

Alongside protecting the safety of animals, switching to Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands provides several other benefits. Those who suffer from sensitive skin may find relieve in natural cosmetics as those brands simply don't add anything aggravating in the first place. Many cosmetic products that are not clean of chemicals can negatively affect your skin and sap away healthy minerals. Whereas natural cruelty free cosmetics will help to heal your skin from the inside out, leaving you to look radiant and lustrous.

Saving the Animals and Saving Your Skin

Making the switch to the Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands may be a cold turkey decision, or it may be a series of adjustments in your life. What we do know is that vegan, cruelty free cosmetics are healthier for us, and life-saving for the animals subjected to the barbaric practices that non-cruelty free brands use to test their products. Remember to check your ingredients when purchasing cosmetics, and together we can turn the tide in favor of this conscious, kind movement.


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