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How Often Should You Get a Facial?

I hear this question almost every time with a new patient. And I'm really glad they are asking this, because it is crucial to understand that facials are needed to be done regularly and here is why.

The skin cell cycle goes 28-30 days to regenerate new skin cells. Meaning, you need to do something with your skin every month to keep it in shape and all the results are almost disappearing in 4-6 weeks if they are not being repeated. By having a facial every month, you are feeding the new skin cells optimum nutrition and the skin will look amazing.

Each person has different skin conditions and skin types.

For acne clients, you may need to come weekly or twice a week until the acne is cleared up. For those with specific skin concerns, like wrinkles or pigmentation, the frequency of facials is going to be more than monthly.

  • Monthly Maintenance – 1 Time per Month

  • Acne Clients – 2 Times per Week tapering to 1 Time per Month when under control

  • Wrinkles – 1-2 Times per Week for muscle stimulation tapering to 1 Time per Month for maintenance.

  • Pigmentation – 2 Times per Month to lighten the discoloration. A combination of peels, exfoliation and introduction of Vitamins and peptides helps to disperse the melanin and lighten the pigmentation

  • Dehydration – 1-2 Times per Month. Depending on the dehydration causes, will result in either lipid or water hydration of the skin

  • Rosacea – 1-2 Times per Month to eliminate the bacteria and exfoliate the skin.

This is an ideal schedule. However, understanding how busy are we, coming once a month would be perfect.

How is it going to helm my skin?

Facials are not just for wealthy or celebrities, because you get one skin….the one you are in. And you should want to take care of it. The skin is the largest organ and the body’s first line of defense. It will turn dark to protect against UV rays or when it is damaged. It will turn red when it is inflamed. It produces acne when it comes in contact with bacteria. It will make a rash when it comes in contact with something allergic. The skin is the body’s truth teller. It will tell all about a person’s lifestyle and habits, and everybody has some kind of signs on their face. And it's the best to go to the professional and help your largest organ to be healthy and happy.

Knowing a great esthetician and having the right treatment is just like taking your car to the right mechanic. You want your car to run right….same with your skin. You want your skin to look amazing, check out the types of facial rejuvenation treatmentsthat you can have.



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