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Derma rollers. Pros and cons.

Derma rollers.

Pros and cons. Do I need to buy one?

The latest skin trend and at home beauty device. The benefits include: ✅ a better absorption of topical cosmeceuticals, ensuring that all those pricey skin care products you buy can dive deeper into the skin. The tool also creates micro-injuries to the surface of the skin in order to force it to ✅heal itself and naturally boost collagen production and smooth the surface. Sounds great, right? ❗️But think twice. Consider these factors before buying it: 💠possibility of infection. ~You absolutely have to clean the tool with alcohol after every single use and not to share it with anyone in order to prevent spreading contagious infections. 💠 risk of injury ~ with overuse or use of a poorly made version with irregular pins there is a great chance that you can damage your skin tissue. 💠 certain skin types can’t handle the aggressive methods such as needling at all. ~ a professional always knows that certain skin types (darker tone, sensitive) are not the best candidates. 👉 don’t just blindly follow the trends, always think twice if this is for you and if yes -do a research to find out a proper protocol.

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